Quotes About Love and Happiness

Love and happiness are the two most essential elements of life. You can never be considerably happy in the absence of any kind of love in your life. On the other hand, if you get a considerable amount of love from one or a number of persons, there will be no shortage of happiness in your life. Hence, love and happiness are the two sides of the same coin. Loveaholics dating website has collected these powerful quotes that brilliantly express true love and happiness.

“I am tough, but I want someone who can touch my heart to encourage me”

It is said that love makes a person weak. It is partially true, because love will definitely makes you weak not in everything you face, but the one person you love. You might be a strong person in mind and body, but some times come there when even the strongest person becomes very much mentally fragile. At those times you truly need a person who will remain by your side and emotionally boost you up to overcome every hardship. The words of that person comfort you at the deepest parts of your heart. This person must be the one whom you love most.

“You are the only exceptional”

Love has no rule and it is beyond the jurisdiction of any conventional rules of the world. You don’t see the person you love through the same eyes you see the rest of the world. You can’t even judge your love in the same parameters you judge any other person in the world. Even the most strict person in principles show ostensible favouritism when falls in love. Since your love is very special to you, you don’t measure your love in any logical system. You keep the person you love in a completely different domain in your mind where you apply only your self-imposed exceptional rules.

“My only regret about loving you is I wish I would’ve got some more time to love you”

Different types of love relationships come in our lifetime. You love your mother, father, siblings, friends or children, but each of these relationships has a definite start. But the romantic love relationship with your partner is very much uncertain. You may find your true love when you’ve grown up and you don’t get to have enough time to be with your love partner. You know that your romantic relationship will come to an end when either of your die if you don’t break up in between. Thinking both the cases, you definitely realize that you’re not given much time to love.

“I was happy to found you, I’m happier to love you and I’ll be the happiest to have you till I die”

Love is not predictable by any means because no one can tell when it will start and when it’s going to end. The person who gets a true love relationship and enjoy it till own death is considered to be one of those who posses the rarest luck on earth. Finding the true love is a hard task and having the chance of loving your partner for a long time without break up is even harder. Lastly, loving and being loved by your partner at the same level until death separates you is your ultimate achievement.

“Enjoy the little things in life, because you’ll find those pretty big for you later”

Being in love or falling in love all on a sudden is never a big thing which can be exhibited proudly like when shifting to an apartment in posh area or buying an expensive car. But your love relationship is no less greater thing than any other big prizes in your life, if not the greatest. You’ll reach at a certain age when wealth, car, property will not be a big deal to you. At that time, certain small talks you had with your love, memorable weekends you spent together will be the most precious things of your life.

“You don’t need to find the perfect person to love, but see the person perfectly”

We all have own different ideas about love because everyone preserves different expectations from own love partner. But if you come out in the world to find your true love with your own ideas and expectations, most likely you will end up finding no one or the wrong person. It is because you’re looking for an imaginary perfect person who doesn’t exist on earth. But if you can find a person who nearly resembles with your expectations, try to see the person deeply to find the hidden gems in his or her mind. Any of these gems might be enough for you to fall in love.

These timeless thoughts are a few of the best expressions about love and happiness. If you can absorb these priceless messages, you’ll be able to find the unbreakable link between love and happiness.

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