Effective Traditional Dating Tips

Smartphones packed with social media platforms have erased the requirement of meeting people in person. Hence, traditional dating has become a backdated idea to a big number of people who like online dating. But the majority of people still love to meet their dates in person with all the emotions. Even most of us prefer to shout the break-up speeches directly from mouth to ears, not over smartphones. So, traditional dating still lives.

For those people who love to walk with their dates holding hand to hand, a few old school tips of traditional dating are recollected here that remained the same effective and charming as they were decades ago.

The guy must call the girl on date

If it was 70’s, the guy would make a call on the house phone of the girl and ask her to come on a date with him. But now we all have mobile phones and the etiquette remains the same. If you like a girl, simply ring her up to tell her about your feelings and make the same request for a date. Girls, don’t you call for a date. Instead, wait for the guy to call you and let him invite you to go on a date. If he doesn’t have the guts to directly ask you for a date, then he’s not the guy to be your dating partner.

The guy must pick up the girl from her place

This is another traditional sign of showing honor to the girl you want to date. In еру old days, guys would always go to the front door of the girl’s place at the present time essentially with a bunch of flowers and pick her up on the date. In this modern age, the guys should do the same to their dates. If the girl doesn’t want to meet you in front of her apartment for any reason, then you must wait at the present location and pick her up when she shows up. Girls, you should not directly reach the dating places on your own because it is not good for your dignity.

Guys must pay for everything on a date

Since the beginning of civilization, men always took the responsibilities of women. Things have changed a lot in today’s world because women are now equally capable of doing anything. But the traditional dating etiquettes haven’t changed. The guys should pay for all the expenses (food bills, park tickets etc.) for the date as it is being done from centuries. Especially on the first date guys must do this to show the intention to take the girls’ responsibility. You must not ask a girl for a date if you can’t afford to pay. But girls should not offer to pay, because it may hint the incapability of the guys.

Always stick to the basic manners

Manners show the personality of any person, especially on a date. Guys must be gentlemen in every gesture they make. They should open any door for the girls and pull the chairs away from the tables to help their girls to take their seats. If you sit side by side, then you must occupy the inside seat to give the girl liberty to leave the table any time she wants. Girls should be thanking the guys for everything such as for opening the doors, for movie, for dinner, for inviting etc. Your guy will take you as a rude girl if you don’t thank him properly. Respect your date to be respected by the counterpart.

Don’t let yourself embarrass your date

Don’t do anything that might embarrass your date even in the smallest level. Pay full attention to your dating partner even if he or she is talking about the agricultural policy of Peru. Never act indifferent or show any kind of agitation on your date’s favourite topics. Always reply with smile and politeness. Don’t ever try to check your mails or messages and stop notification alerts in your mobile phone if you can’t switch it off. You may take a selfie with your date, but don’t get busy to post it in your Instagram profile. It is truly embarrassing to remain busy in your mobile phone while you are on a date.

End the fantastic date with courtesies

Poor ending can ruin the game. You must not show lack of courtesies at the end of your fantastic date while you’ve performed brilliantly throughout the whole time together. Guys must drop the girls at their place and walk them until they want you to stop. Call your date later at night about her experience of that date and ask her if she wants to spend another evening together soon. On the other hand, the girl must bid her date good bye or good night with a light kiss on the cheeks of the guy and thank him for the wonderful time she spent with him.

These few traditional dating tips might be slightly modified, but the basic ideas and applications remain the same and working great for a successful date in today.

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