6 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

Building a relationship is one of the most significant human instincts after fulfilling the basic needs to live and dating relationship is one of the most valued relations by any adult person. Like most others, you can choose your dating partner among the people you meet. But for a great number of people who are in a steady relationship, dating is a delicate and complicated task. They seriously think that choosing a suitable partner, settling in a relationship, continuously figuring out what works good for the relation, doing continuous adjustments – all are tedious tasks.

These entire proceedings and the tasks to successfully maintain a dating relationship would’ve been lot easier if the person you’re dating is your best friend.

So, here we’ve hand-picked and shared only 6 most affirmative reasons for dating your best friend.

1. You have the trust on each other

Trust is the most primary element which binds two souls for a successful relationship and trust is that precious thing which takes a long time to be built but can be broken down into pieces in a single jiff. Being best friends both of you trust each other in adequate quantity and this is an invaluable thing to start your romantic relationship. Needless to say that, engaging into a new relationship with already having trust on each other is one of the rarest instances of blessings that everyone desires. You’re definitely going to experience an amazing relationship for long.

2. You are aware of the limitations

A good number of happy relationships break apart due to a sudden discovery of any nasty habit of the dating partner. If you date your best friend this can’t happen. It takes some time to be a friend and to become the best friend it requires even longer. Hence, being friends for a considerably long time, both of you already know all the taints and flaws of each other. You like your best friend with all of your friend’s limitations. Therefore, there remains very little chance for you to be panicked or disheartened by a sudden discovery of your partner’s any unknown dark side.

3. You know all the expectations

In any romantic relationship expectations of both the partners play a vital role. To maintain a successful relationship you need to fulfil the expectations of your dating partner and your partner must do the same for you. Recurringly failing to satisfy the expectations unavoidably damages the relation and it might lead to break up. Since, your date happens to be your best friend for long time, you precisely know how to satisfy or fulfil your date’s expectations. Moreover, both of you have the clearest idea what exactly you can expect from each other and what not.

4. You enjoy being together

Best friends are for sharing almost everything either emotional or subjective without any hesitation. They believe each other as their best companion and enjoy nothing more than each other’s company. Similarly, you’ve also spent some thousands of hours with your best friend and you’re looking forward to spend some millions more. You go to movies or shopping together, you enjoyed your most memorable weekend tours together or you’ve attended so many parties together and the uncountable hours of gossiping together. Hence, you will be one of those happiest persons in the world who get the chance to enjoy their lives with their most desired company.

5. You’ll get ample time and place

Every dating relationship claims a good amount of time for spending together. The more time they spend together, the stronger the bond becomes. Now in this modern age when everyone is running to fulfil their professional and social commitments, finding time to meet your date or going to a secluded place to spend some quality time together is really a tough task. But if your date is your best friend, you will get to spend lot more times to be with each other. Moreover, you can have your emotional talks in those places you used to meet often when you were friends.

6. You relation has the X-factors

Any good dating relationship upgrades into a great one only when the x-factors start working between the lovebirds. You know your best friend’s everything that you need to know to become the best friend. Most importantly both of you posses the common view on almost everything. You understand each other in eyewinks because the wavelengths of your thoughts are nearly same. All these clearly indicate that you have developed the x-factors that have tied you together before you go on your first date with your best friend.


Reading all these, don’t take that you should work out to transform your present best friend into your dating partner. Trying this might lead to damage your friendship or worse, you may lose your true best friend. Instead, try to find the romantic side of your best friend and if that very emotion flows towards you, give ample time and nourishment to mature it. After all, a true lover must be a true friend.

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